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    It’s funny how changing something as simple as our hair color can be a MAJOR decision for some of us—it certainly was for me! I had been eyeing J-Lo’s coveted caramel locks for YEARS and every few months I would tell my hair stylist I would try highlights “next time”. Next time ended up being almost a YEAR later, but I eventually got out of my head and took the plunge.



    At first I loved my new hue and then a few months later I decided to go back to my roots (literally), but I realized how silly it was for me to not try something different SOONER! I was delaying the inevitable… CHANGE—which is un-frickin-comfortable. Sometimes new things work out and sometimes they don’t, but I believe trying new things helps us define our style and leads us to the most authentic version of ourselves.



    Is there something you’ve been wanting to try and have been putting off? TODAY is the day!


    P.S. How fun is my “Brunette” sweatshirt by Brunette The Label? They have coordinating jogger pants to lounge around in and they don’t discriminate against blondes (but brunettes have more fun!)


    Sweatshirt: Brunette Crewneck Sweatshirt

    Jeans: Topshop Limited Edition Jamie Gem Encrusted Skinny Jeans

    Shoes: Schutz Blasiana Bow Pump

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