Sweating Bullets

Now that summer has officially arrived it is only fitting to share one of my favorite dresses that I was literally sweating bullets in. Why? Because it was the first time taking a photo for my blog. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing (I still feel that way!), hotel security was staring me down and I’m pretty sure at least one of my legs was shaking.



Anxiety. I get it all the time. In fact, I get anxious before, during and after I write a blog post… and that’s just a blog post! A million thoughts run through my mind including what are my parents going to think, what is Joe down the street going to think, is my outfit “good enough”, what if I don’t get any “likes” on social media and the list goes on. And then I eventually come to my senses and realize… why am I even worried about what other people think?


So when my mom ripped out yet another magazine article for me to read (I think my parents are the only people left that actually read REAL newspapers and magazines!) I rolled my eyes as usual and read the article. And you know what? Chelsea Handler gets anxiety too! I don’t personally know her but in my humble opinion, she is the epitome of a cool girl and she is one of the LAST people I expected to write about anxiety.


Like Chelsea, I thought my anxiety would go away when I grew up or rather, when I left a job/career that I hated. Well surprise, surprise… my anxiety didn’t go away (although it has improved in many ways), and I’ve noticed it creeps up whenever I have to do something new. I might kick and scream and have a few “woe is me” sob sessions before I get something done, but I get it done, and the fact that Chelsea frickin Handler gets anxiety too makes me a little less anxious, so thank you Chelsea!


P.S. You can check out Chelsea’s article here (I highly recommend it!)


Dress: House of CB Tomassa Dress

Shoes: Sam Edelman Abbie Bootie

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