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    I almost didn’t post this picture because I thought one of my thighs looked “fat”. As a somewhat OCD-ish type person I have a tendency to nit pick EVERYTHING about myself, especially in photos. That is the main reason why I didn’t start a blog sooner. Everyone would always ask me why I wasn’t posting photos of myself in my favorite outfits, and I would always reply with “I prefer to be BEHIND the camera” which was in part true. The reality of the situation was that I was afraid of putting myself out there and being open to others criticizing me, but even more so, I was afraid of my WORST critic–MYSELF.



    This is a gentle reminder to GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. Yes, you can strive to be a better version of yourself–in fact I think we should always be striving to be a better version of ourselves. But, I feel that if you can’t accept and enjoy where you are at today, you’re not going to get what you truly want in the future.


    Do I still beat myself up sometimes? YES! But I try to make myself more AWARE of when I do it and think about WHY I’m doing it. Sometimes it can be something as simple as not getting enough sleep the previous night, and other times the scale may have gone up a few pounds (or more than a few pounds!) But, I remind myself that I’m doing the best that I can AT THIS MOMENT, and sometimes you just have to say to hell with it and eat the dessert!


    Dress: Bebe Ruffle Tiered Print Dress (Last Season)

    Shoes: Tony Bianco Kashmir Heel

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