Memorial Day Mani-Tail


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    Nail art is one of the things I LIVE for (and a good cocktail every once in awhile doesn’t hurt either!) so I decided to start my monthly mani-tail series (manicure + cocktail = mani-tail!) Why? Because your personal style is about more than just your clothes (and cocktails are fun!)



    For years I was stuck in a French mani RUT, and if it wasn’t for my mom encouraging me to branch out and try something new, I probably would still be sporting the French mani… YAWN! ? I can still hear her saying “French women don’t even get French manicures!”


    Lesson learned–your nails don’t have to match your outfit and your nails don’t have to be BORING. And what better way to get ready for summer than with a taste of tulips on my nails and La Valencia’s signature “Pink Lady” martini. Basil infused vodka + juicy watermelon + sweeping ocean views make for one hot summer night!


    Ring: Tiffany & Co. Paloma’s Sugar Stacks Ring

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