Bend And Snap!

Bend And Snap!

It seems like it was just yesterday when Elle Woods reminded us that orange is NOT the new pink, Harvard isn’t THAT hard to get into, scented paper gives your resume a little something “extra” and who can forget the bend and snap?


Fast forward 15 years later and the core message from Legally Blonde still holds true. Be YOURSELF, especially when it comes to your wardrobe (and don’t forget your fluffy pink pen!) As easy as this sounds, this is something many of us still struggle with. I never felt like I could completely be myself or dress in a way that truly represented me when I worked in the corporate world for 12 YEARS. Day after day, week after week, month after month, I slowly lost bits and pieces of myself, and often times I dressed in a way I thought I “should” dress. So how are you showing up every day? What can you do TODAY to put a little more YOU into your wardrobe?

Lesson Learned: Don’t just think outside of the box, get out of the box!

Get Inspired: “You must always have faith in people. And, most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.” – Elle Woods

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